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[texts]Apple Manual: zork zero the flathead calendar 883
Apple Manual: zork zero the flathead calendar 883
Keywords: observed; birthday; flathead; day; dimwit; frob; frobozz; magic; wands; traderune; birthday observed; frobozz magic; frob day; wands day; star day; sand day; mud day; magic day; day mud; day birthday
Downloads: 69
[texts]Apple Manual: zork zero reference card
Apple Manual: zork zero reference card
Keywords: disk; story; infocom; ram; pathname; apple; formatted; save; infodos; prodos; pointing device; steps outlined; save disk; ram disk; story position; special note; prodos formatted
Downloads: 36
[texts]Apple Manual: zork zero manual
Apple Manual: zork zero manual
Keywords: zork; interactive; tram; return; command; manual; instruction; type; puzzles; fiction; instruction manual; interactive fiction; tram car; tomato sauce; tells zork; sample transcript; command tells; graphical puzzles; compass rose; rusty lamp
Downloads: 43
[texts]Apple Manual: zork1 apple manual
Apple Manual: zork1 apple manual
Keywords: zork; interactive; duncanthrax; flathead; manual; gnome; appendix; instruction; underground; dimwit; instruction manual; great underground; small cardboard; interactive fiction; glass jar; cardboard box; underground empire; monkey wrench; dart gun; sample transcript
Downloads: 43
[texts]Apple Manual: zany golf
Apple Manual: zany golf
Downloads: 33
[texts]Apple Manual: ZanyGolf-Manual
Apple Manual: ZanyGolf-Manual
Keywords: electronic; warranty; strokes; mouse; hole; software; limited; par; screen; ball; electronic arts; mouse button; preview screen
Downloads: 18
[texts]Apple Manual: xenocide apple manual
Apple Manual: xenocide apple manual
Keywords: tfl; ffl; ljj; ifl; cti; iii; lfl; cfi; flj; efl
Downloads: 24
[texts]Apple Manual: world games
Apple Manual: world games
Downloads: 19
[texts]Apple Manual: WorldGames-InstructionManualfortheAppleIIGS
Apple Manual: WorldGames-InstructionManualfortheAppleIIGS
Keywords: caber; joystick; button; fire; press; release; iigs; option; wrestling; apple; fire button; joystick left
Downloads: 19
[texts]Apple Manual: wizardy v codes
Apple Manual: wizardy v codes
Keywords: spell; word; group; djic; wizardry; djry; wizard; euoe; magic; tuyi; spell word; word spell; word list; wizardry magic; magic word; list group; oiyi oicq; oicq oiih; yiry yiic; yiqi yihm
Downloads: 74
[texts]Apple Manual: wizard's crown manual
Apple Manual: wizard's crown manual
Keywords: character; ability; skill; magic; characters; combat; cast; spells; shield; attacker; skill ability; magical items; pure magic; life blast; damage rating; active character; weapon skills; strength required; skill abilities; reveal enemy
Downloads: 52
[texts]Apple Manual: Wizardry Manual
Apple Manual: Wizardry Manual
Keywords: byte; character; bytes; mage; plate; dagger; armor; mace; characters; wizardry; scenario disk; breast plate; short sword; sir tech; sector editor; plate armor; battle axe
Downloads: 61
[texts]Apple Manual: wishbringer
Apple Manual: wishbringer
Keywords: wishbringer; infocom; appendix; horseshoe; interactive; manual; instruction; prompt; barn; closet; instruction manual; living room; sample transcript; interactive fiction; pump water; closet door; tells wishbringer; reference card; recognized verbs; front door
Downloads: 38
[texts]Apple Manual: winter games
Apple Manual: winter games
Keywords: ffi; iff; iii; fti
Downloads: 20
[texts]Apple Manual: WinterGames-Manual
Apple Manual: WinterGames-Manual
Keywords: skating; joystick; press; games; winter; lutz; triple; jump; camel; axel; winter games; fire button; space bar; figure skating; triple lutz; summer games; axel jump; sit spin; triple axel; opening ceremony
Downloads: 69
[texts]Apple Manual: WindWalker-Manual
Apple Manual: WindWalker-Manual
Keywords: zhurong; greg; windwalker; khantun; shamans; shen; honor; realm; enlightened; chao; shen jang; greg malone; enlightened person; recording medium; cheng sing; seek truth; mad alchemist; ened person; beads slide
Downloads: 71
[texts]Apple Manual: WindWalker-IIGS Reference
Apple Manual: WindWalker-IIGS Reference
Keywords: combat; options; icon; adventure; press; key; game; windwalker; clicking; scroll; special options; player character; combat options; sound effects; magnetic scroll
Downloads: 28
[texts]Apple Manual: WindWalker-Book of I Ching
Apple Manual: WindWalker-Book of I Ching
Keywords: hexagram; cast; trigram; heaven; earth; receptive; ching; question; coins; wise; receptive earth; wise person
Downloads: 85
[texts]Apple Manual: windhamclassics wizardofoz manual
Apple Manual: windhamclassics wizardofoz manual
Keywords: type; wizard; disk; command; emerald; windham; characters; press; program; adventure; game disk; emerald city
Downloads: 25
[texts]Apple Manual: wildernesscampaign
Apple Manual: wildernesscampaign
Keywords: draconia; armor; treasure; magical; necromancer; battle; game; weapon; castles; hire; wilderness campaign
Downloads: 18
[texts]Apple Manual: wilderness apple manual
Apple Manual: wilderness apple manual
Keywords: cfl; tfl; ffi; iff; iii; ffl; flj; trt; crt; ifl; cfl cfl
Downloads: 36
[texts]Apple Manual: weird computer games manual
Apple Manual: weird computer games manual
Keywords: print; return; subroutine; data; goto; gosub; program; cls; replace; computer; replace cls; conversion lines; pulse rate; program works; monster wrestling; usborne publishing; print print
Downloads: 77
[texts]Apple Manual: Wasteland Survival Guide
Apple Manual: Wasteland Survival Guide
Keywords: eugene; stew; kate; cochise; room; sleeper; secpass; wos; ond; desert; base cochise; guardian citadel; stagecoach inn; mushroom cloud; mind maze; mayor pedros; final level; darwin village; sleeper base; second floor
Downloads: 88
[texts]Apple Manual: wasteland apple manual
Apple Manual: wasteland apple manual
Keywords: tft; eft; flj; fll; lis; rtj; iii; cft; tfl; tfi
Downloads: 25
[texts]Apple Manual: wasteland manual
Apple Manual: wasteland manual
Keywords: character; skill; ranger; finster; vegas; desert; combat; characters; weapon; command; ranger center; skill points; snake squeezins; test scores; personnel file; occasional paragraph; large amount; interest slides; file flashes; death machines
Downloads: 133
[texts]Apple Manual: wasteland cgw archive
Apple Manual: wasteland cgw archive
Keywords: game; ssi; wasteland; gaming; ssg; infcm; tale; mail; computer gaming; electronic arts; game hints; adventure game; year awards; arcade game
Downloads: 48
[texts]Apple Manual: warklock apple manual
Apple Manual: warklock apple manual
Keywords: warlock; vitality; points; backup; gray; armor; numeric; joystick; jump; disk; vitality points; warlock jump; backup copy
Downloads: 17
[texts]Apple Manual: war in middle earth
Apple Manual: war in middle earth
Keywords: iii; sis; iftfi; tiilj; ittmihf; ihi; lllillilll; vsjui; illjl; hlfhl
Downloads: 23
[texts]Apple Manual: WarinMiddleEarth-InstructionManual
Apple Manual: WarinMiddleEarth-InstructionManual
Keywords: sauron; elves; gondor; forces; ores; middle; minas; hobbits; dwarves; mordor; middle earth; full map; shield decorated; control button; minas tirith; map level; white hand; minas morgul; magnifying glass; lonely mountain
Downloads: 36
[texts]Apple Manual: VolcanoesManual
Apple Manual: VolcanoesManual
Keywords: volcanoes; volcanic; magma; lava; erupted; qou; volcano; eruptions; eruption; qour; lava flow; shield volcanoes; shallow magma; active volcanoes; basaltic shield; warning levels; volcanic activity; qour students; lab packs
Downloads: 83
[texts]Apple Manual: VolcanoesDocs
Apple Manual: VolcanoesDocs
Keywords: butte; camasport; derkin; brigalorn; peak; coastal; area; volcanoes; cumulus; interior; volcanoes investigations; skyline peak; salt lick; rumble butte; peak rift; matador bubbling; cumulus peak; claw butte; butte salt; butte bear
Downloads: 16
[texts]Apple Manual: Volcanoes 2 apple manual
Apple Manual: Volcanoes 2 apple manual
Keywords: butte; brigalorn; area; camasport; volcanoes; derkin; coastal; investigations; peak; interior; volcanoes investigations; brigalorn area
Downloads: 14
[texts]Apple Manual: versionsoft arcane manuel FR
Apple Manual: versionsoft arcane manuel FR
Keywords: vous; les; des; votre; est; une; dans; tarot; cartes; des cartes; votre premiere; version soft; tarot des; qui vous; nous avons; vous avez; toutes les; tous les; les cartes
Downloads: 30
[texts]Apple Manual: Vegas Gambler-Manual
Apple Manual: Vegas Gambler-Manual
Keywords: bet; vegas; gambler; cursor; button; select; coins; roulette; cards; chip; slot machine; vegas gambler; number bet; main menu; las vegas; bet pays; joystick button; color bet; roulette table; hand corner
Downloads: 29
[texts]Apple Manual: Vegas Gambler-IIGS Addendum
Apple Manual: Vegas Gambler-IIGS Addendum
Keywords: vegas; apple; gambler; iigs; stake; program; disk; option; logical; vegas gambler; logical design
Downloads: 16
[texts]Apple Manual: Vegas Craps-Manual
Apple Manual: Vegas Craps-Manual
Keywords: bets; bet; craps; roll; vegas; cursor; dice; pass; odds; chip; vegas craps; craps table; pass bet; house pays; roll bets; number box; roll bet; buy bets; horn bet; odds bets
Downloads: 33
[texts]Apple Manual: Vegas Craps-IIGS Addendum
Apple Manual: Vegas Craps-IIGS Addendum
Keywords: vegas; apple; craps; iigs; bets; bet; logical; software; pays; vegas craps; logical design; house pays
Downloads: 16
[texts]Apple Manual: Uninvited-Manual
Apple Manual: Uninvited-Manual
Keywords: click; command; window; open; exits; operate; examine; select; inventory; clicking; command window; selection button; white box; open command
Downloads: 43
[texts]Apple Manual: Uninvited Hints
Apple Manual: Uninvited Hints
Keywords: key; bottle; spider; kill; attemp; amulet
Downloads: 17
[texts]Apple Manual: Ultima V - The Wait is Over
Apple Manual: Ultima V - The Wait is Over
Keywords: ultima; warriors; destiny; novice; ongin; fantasy; perilous; blackthorn; expedition; benevolent; role playing; fantasy role
Downloads: 23
[texts]Apple Manual: ultima v cheat sheet
Apple Manual: ultima v cheat sheet
Keywords: underworld; shadowlord; summons; sandlewood; veramocor; shards; thy; quests; magically; lord
Downloads: 22
[texts]Apple Manual: ultima iv
Apple Manual: ultima iv
Keywords: thy; tlje; anb; magical; mystic; evil; britannia; reagents; mandrake; spells; lord british; blood moss; sulphurous ash; mystic arts; spider silk; thy party; mandrake root; black pearl; energy fields; magic users
Downloads: 49
[texts]Apple Manual: Ultima I-Manual
Apple Manual: Ultima I-Manual
Keywords: hath; sosaria; mondain; sosarian; creatures; magicac; cong; adventurer; arcane; abicity; arcane arts; view mode; top view; intentionally left
Downloads: 33
[texts]Apple Manual: ultima i manual
Apple Manual: ultima i manual
Keywords: arrow; armor; agility; determines; character; ultima; foe; saved; wisdom; items
Downloads: 22
[texts]Apple Manual: Ultima II - Manual - APL
Apple Manual: Ultima II - Manual - APL
Keywords: ultima; pur; disk; gou; monsters; ore; dungeons; lime; galactic; mondain; time door; time doors; master program; play ultima; galactic map; cmd cmd
Downloads: 45
[texts]Apple Manual: Ultima I-IIGS Reference
Apple Manual: Ultima I-IIGS Reference
Keywords: spellcaster; magical; shoppes; enter; darkness; chests; opponent; magic; permits; ladder
Downloads: 21
[texts]Apple Manual: ultima iii cheat sheet
Apple Manual: ultima iii cheat sheet
Keywords: dungeon; castle; square; shrines; guard; devil; island; coast; exodus; bobbit; three square; square area; devil guard; south coast; exotic weapons
Downloads: 34
[texts]Apple Manual: ultima ii cheat sheet
Apple Manual: ultima ii cheat sheet
Keywords: kill; guards; hit; launch; armor; steal; enter; transact; aftermath; ability
Downloads: 23
[texts]Apple Manual: Ultima 4 spellbook
Apple Manual: Ultima 4 spellbook
Keywords: mystic; mandrake; sulphurous; enchantment; magical; casting; reagents; moss; spells; spell; blood moss; sulphurous ash; spider silk; mystic arts; black pearl; mandrake root; energy fields
Downloads: 67
[texts]Apple Manual: Ultima 4 map
Apple Manual: Ultima 4 map
Downloads: 11
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